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Cannioto Cove-April/May/June 2008

Cannioto Cove
320 W. Main
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Cannioto Cove Log

4-03-08  Roof on the house started. It's finally spring! 
4-24-08  Roof is completed.
5-31-08  Very pleased to see how much of what we planted last year has come back. We have peaches, apricots and cherries. Rasberries and blackberries are doing well. Apple trees look good with only one tree having apples but we will see. The lower patio has been outstanding with all of the perennials coming back strong. 
6-20-08  Insulation of the house and all of the required interior work finished such as electrical and plumbing in order to install drywall. Currently targeting to start drywalling next week. Rainy whether has interferred with making further progress on the deck but we are already to go. Lumber is cut; just a matter of installing it.      

The Roof-Garage

The Roof

Insulation Sun Room

The Roof

North Side